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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Chicago, central business section

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建筑师丹尼尔.伯恩罕 (Daniel H. Burnham) 出生:184694


在罗特去世之后,伯恩罕接管了罗特担任芝加哥1893年世界哥伦比亚博览会 (World’s Colombian Exposition) 首席建筑师的工作。他将世界哥伦比亚博览会,一种世界博览会,创造为一个暂时的城市,具有宽广道路、花枝繁茂之花园,以及古典建筑外观。美国的其他建筑师在此受到了启发,进而将这些类似的元素带进他们自己的设计里。 

伯恩罕与另一位建筑师爱德华.班奈特 (Edward Bennett) 也为城市真的进行规划。1909年的芝加哥计画,就将这个城市设计为拥有整齐公园绿地与休闲场所的城市,为都市设计创建起一套标准。在你熟悉的乡镇与城市里散步,试着去发现那些带有能激发人类血液魔力的大楼吧。

What is the tallest building that you have been in? Burnham and Root pioneered the construction methods that made modern skyscrapers possible.

After Root died, Burnham took over Root's job as chief architect of Chicago's 1893 World's Colombian Exposition, a kind of world's fair He created a temporary city with grand boulevards, lush gardens, and classical building exteriors. U.S. architects were so inspired that they incorporated similar elements into their own designs.

Burnham, along with architect Edward Bennett, also developed plans for a real city. The Plan of Chicago in 1909, with its system of parks and recreation areas, set the standard for urban design. Walk through your own town or city and find the buildings that were created with "magic to stir men's (and women's) blood."

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