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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Flatiron Building, New York
纽约市的熨斗大楼(Flatiron Building)就是由伯恩罕所设计,他的理念就是要高耸且做出大计划的大楼设计

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建筑师丹尼尔.伯恩罕 (Daniel H. Burnham) 出生


伯恩罕于1846年月4日出生,他和令一位建筑师约翰.魏尔伯恩.鲁特 (John Wellborn Root) 一同创立美国历史上最有名的建筑公司之一。他们以建筑过去没有的高楼,进一步改变了城市的空中轮廓线。

What makes you walk by one building without noticing it while another compels you to stare in wonder and welcomes you to explore the rooms inside? Daniel H. Burnham might tell you the answer has something to do with a grand vision, "Make no little plans; they have not magic to stir men's blood . . . Make big plans; aim high in hope and work . . ."

Born September 4, 1846, Burnham joined architect John Wellborn Root to establish one of the most famous architectural firms in U.S. history. Together they changed the shape of our cities' skylines by aiming higher than anyone dreamed.

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