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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
John Brown, The Martyr, 1870.

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约翰.布朗 (John Brown) 占据哈普斯渡口

18591016日的深夜,趁着众人都在熟睡时,约翰.布朗带着21名武装伙伴潜入弗吉尼亚州哈普斯渡口 (现在属于西弗吉尼亚州) 的小镇里。他们一共抓了60位当地重要人物当作人质,并且占领了镇上的美国军火库与来福枪制造工厂。为什么他们要这样做呢?这群人里有三个自由的黑人、有一个被释放的奴隶,还有一个逃亡的奴隶,他们希望能够唤起那些被释放的奴隶共同叛变,并且领导一批「解放军」。他们想要通过武力解决奴隶制度的问题。

Late on the night of October 16, 1859, John Brown and 21 armed followers stole into the town of Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now part of West Virginia), as most of its residents slept. They took 60 prominent locals hostage and seized the town's United States arsenal and its rifle works. Why? The men--among them three free blacks, one freed slave, and one fugitive slave--hoped to spark a rebellion of freed slaves and to lead an "army of emancipation." They wanted to overturn the institution of slavery by force.

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