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Harriet Beecher Stowe

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连载小说形式的「黑奴吁天录」 (Uncle Tom’s Cabin) 完成

你有没有看过「黑奴吁天录」这本书呢?它除了是一本值得一看的书之外,这本深具影响力的书也被认为是导致美国内战 (1861-65) 发生的原因之一;它已经至少被翻译为23种语言,同时也被编成舞台剧与拍成电影。哈里耶特.比彻.斯托 (Harriet Beecher Stowe) 的这本书最早是以连载小说的方式,于185165日在一本叫做「国家时代」 (National Era) 的周刊上,以每次一章的形式发表。后来这本书成为美国最早的畅销书之一。

哈里耶特.比彻.斯托十分关心人权的问题。她的家人在「地底铁道」 (Underground Railroad) 组织中相当活跃,曾帮助许多寻求自由的奴隶逃往北方 (地底铁道是由一群反对奴隶制度的人所组成,这些人帮助脱逃的奴隶秘密前往美国北方。) 在她居住在辛辛那提的18年之中,目睹了俄亥俄河对岸、肯塔基州蓄奴社会的情况,这是她不乐于看到的情况。

Have you read the book Uncle Tom's Cabin? Besides being a good read, this influential book is often included in lists of "causes of the Civil War" (1861-65). It has been translated into at least 23 languages, and has been presented on stage and in film. Harriet Beecher Stowe's story first appeared on June 5, 1851, in serial form, a chapter at a time, in a weekly publication called the National Era. It went on to become one of the nation's earliest bestsellers.

Harriet Beecher Stowe cared deeply about human rights. Her family was active in the Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape to freedom in the North. (The Underground Railroad was a system formed by a group of people who were against slavery. These people helped escaped slaves secretly reach the North.) For 18 years she observed a slave-holding community in Kentucky just across the Ohio River from where she lived in Cincinnati. She didn't like what she saw.

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