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Audubon's 'Blue Yellow Back Warbler.'
这是什么鸟呢…..这是蓝黄背莺 (奥杜邦画)

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约翰.詹姆斯.奥杜邦 (John James Audubon) 去世

当约翰.詹姆斯.奥杜邦于1851127日去世时,世界上许多爱鸟人士都觉得是一个大损失。奥杜邦是在海地圣多明哥的拉凯斯 (Les Cayes) 出生,他是一个鸟类学家、艺术家,以及自然主义作家。奥杜邦在1785年很年轻时,就开始画各种鸟类。从那之后,他的一生都被鸟类吸引住了。 

奥杜邦成年之后,他四处旅行,最南曾到达佛罗里达群岛 (Florida Keys) ,最北曾到达加拿大的拉布拉多 (Labrador) 。他在旅行的途中研究并绘画各种鸟类。他能画任何一种鸟类,包括所有最细微的部分。很幸运的是,奥杜邦画了数百幅的画作。

When John James Audubon died on January 27, 1851, bird lovers around the world felt the loss. An ornithologist (person who studies birds), artist, and naturalist, Audubon was born in Les Cayes, Saint-Domingue (Haiti), in 1785 and began drawing birds when he was very young. Birds continued to fascinate him for the rest of his life.

As an adult, Audubon traveled as far south as the Florida Keys as well as north to Labrador, Canada, studying and drawing birds all along the way. He could draw any bird, down to the tiniest detail. And, lucky for us, he drew and painted hundreds of them.

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