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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革 (1829-1859) 
'Prince Cinqué' by Romare Bearden, 1971.
雅米斯泰德号盼变的领导者约瑟夫.辛格说:「我已经下定决心,宁死也不要变成白人的奴隶。」 (引用自1839年的纽约太阳报

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雅米斯泰德号叛变 (Amistad Mutiny) 的生存者于184139日被释放了

辛格一伙人与范布伦总统之间的争执并没有因此而解决。前总统约翰.昆西.亚当斯 (John Quincy Adams) 在最高法院上诉中表示雅米斯泰德号上的非洲人被非法奴役,因此「应该被赋予所有来自人类与基督教国家应有的仁慈与调停。」


The fight between Cinqué mutineers and President Van Buren didn't end there. In an appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court, former President John Quincy Adams argued that the Africans on the Amistad were illegally enslaved and "were entitled to all the kindness and good offices due from a humane and Christian nation."

The court agreed, and Adams's victory in the Amistad case was a significant success for the movement to abolish slavery. Have you seen or heard about the movie "Amistad" that was made about this case?

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