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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革 (1829-1859) 
A History of the Amistad Captives

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雅米斯泰德号叛变 (Amistad Mutiny) 的生存者于184139日被释放了

在辛格的带领下,这些叛乱者并没有杀害雅米斯泰德号的领航员,并命令他将船开回非洲。但是领航员却将船往北开,后来因为在长岛附近的海岸载浮载沉而被发现,随后就被美国海军拖往康涅狄格州的新伦敦 (New London) 。

美国总统马丁.范布伦 (Martin Van Buren) 为了要得到支持奴隶制度者的支持,所以希望辛格与他的同伙会因为叛乱罪而被判刑,但是法官并不同意这个看法,并且下令美国政府必须护送这些非洲人返回家乡。

Under Cinqué's leadership, the mutineers spared the life of the Amistad navigator, ordering him to sail the ship back to Africa. Instead, the navigator guided the schooner northward, where it was discovered drifting off the coast of Long Island and was then dragged into New London, Connecticut, by the U.S. Navy.

President Martin Van Buren, who wanted to gain the political support of pro-slavery voters, wanted Cinqué and his followers to stand trial for mutiny, but a judge disagreed and ordered the government to escort the Africans back to their home country.

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