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Jump Back in Time 重建时期 (1866-1877)
Cover of a souvenir program from the Century Theatre, November 6, 1916.

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歌舞大王佛罗伦兹.齐格飞二世 (Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.) 于1869321日出生了

如果你在20世纪初期想要得到欢笑与娱乐,你会到哪里去?在电影还没出现之前,你只能去观赏歌舞表演-生动活泼的舞台表演,喜剧、歌曲以及舞蹈。或许你在1907年曾经看过齐格飞歌舞团的表演,这个团体是以穿着夸张服饰的歌舞美女着名。他的创立者就是传奇性的歌舞大王佛罗伦兹.齐格飞二世。齐格飞于1869321日出生在伊利诺州的芝加哥市。在这些美丽观众的面前,齐格飞推出另一种不一样的美丽:一个叫做「强壮山道」 (Great Sandow) 的健美先生。

For laughs and entertainment back in the early 20th century, where would you have gone? Before there were movies, there was vaudeville--popular live stage entertainment featuring comedy, song, and dance. Perhaps you would have enjoyed the more chic look of the Ziegfeld Follies in 1907, known for its chorus of beautiful women in extravagant costumes. Its creator, the legendary showman Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., was born on March 21, 1869, in Chicago, Illinois. Before these famous beauties, Ziegfeld presented a beauty of a different kind, a bodybuilder named the Great Sandow.

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