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Jump Back in Time 重建时期 (1866-1877)
Frank Lloyd Wright, Baroness Hilla Rebay, and Solomon R. Guggenheim standing beside a model of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1947
法兰克.洛伊.赖特在1947年时向巴洛妮斯.西拉.瑞贝 (Baroness Hilla Rebay) 展示古根汉博物馆的模型

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法兰克.洛伊.赖特 (Frank Lloyd Wright) 出生于186768

赖特设计了纽约市的古根汉当代与常规美术博物馆 (Guggenheim Museum of Modern and Conventional Art) 。这个摩登的结构与常规博物馆的设计截然不同。博物馆的展示空间是以一个六层楼高的螺旋坡道来贯通,这个坡道环绕一个开放的中央空间,上头还有一个玻璃圆顶。当赖特以90岁高龄去世时,他才刚刚设计完成一栋高约一英里的办公大楼 (这栋大楼从没被建造) 。你知道搭乘电梯要花多久时间才能到达这栋大楼的顶楼吗?你有没有看过法兰克.洛伊.赖特所设计的建筑物呢?

Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art in New York City. This modern structure marked a bold departure from traditional museum design. Its exhibition space featured a spiraling six-story ramp, which encircled an open center space lit by a glass dome. When Wright died at ninety years of age, he had just finished the design for a mile-high office building (it was never built). How long do you think it would take an elevator to get to the top? Have you ever seen a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?
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