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Jump Back in Time 重建时期 (1866-1877)
Steele High School and Soldiers' Monument, Dayton, Ohio.

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保罗.劳伦斯.邓巴 (Paul Laurence Dunbar) 于1872627日出生

当邓巴还小的时候,他的母亲告诉他许多南方的故事。后来邓巴就开始撰写南方非裔美国人的故事。欧尔威尔.莱特 (Orville Wright) 是邓巴的好朋友之一,也是他的同学,后来还和他的兄弟威布尔 (Wilbur) 一起发明了飞机。这两个好朋友发行了一份叫做达顿八卦报 (Dayton Tattler) 的报纸,但是不幸的是,他们的经费只够发行三期,但是邓巴并没有因此而放弃写作。西元1983年时,邓巴当时担任电梯操作员,他也同时出版了第一本诗作:橡树与长春藤 (Oak and Ivy) 。

When Dunbar was young, his mother told him stories of the South. Then, later on in life, Dunbar wrote his own stories about African Americans in the South. One of his best friends was his classmate Orville Wright. (Orville and his brother Wilbur invented the airplane.) The two friends published a newspaper called The Dayton Tattler. Unfortunately, their money ran out after just three issues, but Dunbar did not give up writing. In 1893, while working as an elevator operator, Dunbar published his first book of poetry, Oak and Ivy.
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