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Jump Back in Time 重建时期 (1866-1877) 
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特威德老大 (Boss Tweed) 于1875124日逃狱了

1875年的124日,威廉.玛西.特威德 (William Marcy Tweed) ,也就是着名的特威德老大,成功逃离监狱到达欧洲。他被抓入监狱的经过,可以说是一个有关美国政治与腐败的故事。

特威德本来是一个记帐员,同时也是纽约市的义消。他在1851年被选为纽约市的市议员,后来更曾经担任过一届的众议员。西元1870年,特威德当时的权力很大,而且在政坛中有许多好朋友 (被称为「特威德圈密友」,Tweed Ring) ,所以他能够通过新的市府章程,让他与他的朋友得以控制整个城市的财政。在1865年至1871年之间,特威德与他的伙伴多次窃取了纽约市3千万美金到2亿美金的资产。

On December 4, 1875, William Marcy Tweed, better known as Boss Tweed, escaped from prison and fled to Europe. How he landed in prison in the first place is a story of American politics and corruption.

Tweed started out as a bookkeeper and volunteer fireman in New York City. He was elected alderman (a member of a city's legislative body) in 1851, and later he was also elected to a term in Congress. By 1870, he was so powerful and had so many of his friends (known as his "Tweed Ring" cronies) in political positions that he was able to pass a new city charter allowing him and his friends to control the city treasury. Between 1865 and 1871, Tweed and his associates stole between $30 million and $200 million from the city.

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