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Jump Back in Time 重建时期 (1866-1877) 
Sherwood Anderson, 1939

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作家薛伍德.安德生 (Sherwood Anderson) 于1876913日出生

安德生年轻的时候时常想要做一个经济独立的人。他结婚之后共生了三个小孩,虽然他努力工作,但是却对现实商场的工作感到不满。一直到1909年时,他因为过度辛劳而生成暂时性的精神崩溃。就在那一年,他开始一边担任芝加哥一家广告公司的记帐员,一边撰写科幻小说。在芝加哥时,他遇见很多位作家,例如卡尔.山得堡 (Cark Sandburg) ,以及创立芝加哥文学复兴运动的西奥多.得瑞司尔 (Theodore Dreiser) 。这些作家中,有很多人和安德生一样,都是在中西部的小城镇中长大的。

As a young man, Anderson was intent on establishing his financial independence. He married, had three children and worked, with growing dissatisfaction, in the corporate world until 1909, when he suffered a brief nervous breakdown. He began to write fiction that year while working as a copywriter at a Chicago advertising agency. In Chicago, he met other thriving writers such as Carl Sandburg and Theodore Dreiser, who formed a sort of Chicago literary renaissance. Many of them, like Anderson, had grown up in small Midwestern towns.
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