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Jump Back in Time 重建时期 (1866-1877) 
Sherwood Anderson, 1933

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作家薛伍德.安德生 (Sherwood Anderson) 于1876913日出生

你有没有写过有关自己家乡的故事?或许你会认为那种题材实在是太无聊了。如果是这样,你应该看一下美国作家薛伍德.安德生的作品。安德于1876913日出生于俄亥俄州的坎登 (Camden) ,他以自己家乡为题材所写的短篇小说,是他最广为人知的作品。他在书中描述「令人沉思不已的中西部故事」,这些故事显示「作者对于平凡人物深刻的描写与怜悯。」作为一个马具制造者与临时油漆工的第三个小孩,安德生有说故事的天分。

Have you ever written a story about your hometown? Maybe you think it's too "boring" to write about. If so, take a look at American writer Sherwood Anderson. Born on September 13, 1876, in Camden, Ohio, he is best known for his short stories that reflect his small-town, Midwestern past. Described as "brooding Midwest tales," they reveal "their author's sympathetic insight into the thwarted lives of ordinary people." This third child of a harness maker and sometime house painter had a fondness for storytelling.

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