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Jump Back in Time 重建时期 (1866-1877)
Photo of Seward, Alaska, 1915.

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你怎么评断一个州的价值?在1867330日,国务卿威廉.西华 (William H. Seward) 同意从苏联手中以7百万美金的代价买下阿拉斯加地区。你是否觉得用来购买这片没经过探索的土地的代价太过于昂贵了呢?在那个时候,有人批评西华疯了,并称这个为「西华的蠢事」。因为以这么高的代价买下这个「西华的冰柜」,以及安德鲁.詹森的「北极熊的花园」,西华遭到各界的嘲笑。

How much do you think a state is worth? On March 30, 1867, Secretary of State William H. Seward agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7 million. Do you think this was too much to pay for a piece of land that was mostly unexplored? At the time, critics thought Seward was crazy and called the deal "Seward's folly." Seward was laughed at for his willingness to spend so much on "Seward's icebox" and Andrew Johnson's "polar bear garden."

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