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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913) 
Submarine Model, Seamen's Bank for Savings, New York, New York, 1943.
现在潜水艇的模型 (1943年)

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你能想像在海平面以下旅行的情景吗?现代的潜水艇就让这个梦想成真了。西元1900411日,美国海军取得第一艘潜水艇,这是一艘53英尺长的船舰,以其爱尔兰移民设计师约翰.荷兰 (John P. Holland18401914) 的名字来命名。荷兰号 (Holland) 是现代潜水艇设计的蓝图。当这艘潜水艇浮在水面上时,是用汽油推动,而潜入水底时,则改用电力来推动。在第一次世界大战时,以荷兰号概念启发的船舰是在世界各地征战的海军舰队的主力。不过,设计一艘能在水底航行的船只,却是很久以前就有的构想。

Can you imagine traveling beneath the surface of the ocean? The modern submarine made this possible. On April 11, 1900, the U.S. Navy acquired its first submarine, a 53-foot craft named after its designer, Irish immigrant John P. Holland (1840-1914). The Holland served as a blueprint for modern submarine design. Gasoline propelled it on the surface, and electricity propelled it when it was submerged. By World War I, Holland-inspired vessels were a part of large naval fleets throughout the world. However, the idea for a boat that could travel underwater goes back long before that.

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