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The home of the deer

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短篇故事作者与小说家玛乔丽.金楠.劳林斯 (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings) 出生

劳林斯于189688日在华盛顿特区出生,她是一个记者、短篇故事作者,也是一个小说家。1939年出版的「鹿苑长春」是她最有名的一本书,她还因此而获得「普利兹奖」,这是作家能得到最重要的奖项之一。这本书是有关一个小男孩发现并豢养一只小鹿,后来不得以必须野放这只小鹿的故事。这个故事发生在一个灌木丛生的乡下地方,那是现在佛罗里达州的「欧卡拉国家森林」 (Ocala National Forest) 「鹿苑长春」1946年被拍成电影。你知道还有其他书籍被拍成电影吗?你比较喜欢书还是电影?

Born on August 8, 1896, in Washington, D.C., Rawlings was a journalist, short story writer, and a novelist. She is best known for The Yearling, which was published in 1939 and won a Pulitzer prize, one of the most important prizes a writer can receive. The book is a coming-of-age story of a young boy who finds and raises a young fawn and then has to let it go back to the wild. The story takes place in the big scrub country, which is now the Ocala National Forest in Florida. The Yearling was also turned into a movie in 1946. Do you know a book that was turned into a movie? Which did you like better?
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