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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913) 
The President's dream of a successful hunt

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考察法 (Expedition Act) 通过了

罗斯福成为大家口中的「托辣斯破坏者」,但是那并不是指罗斯福认为所有的企业合并都是不好的。罗斯福就在好的托辣斯与坏的托辣斯之间明白画出界线,前者是线性有效率的企业生产,而后者是以其优势控制高价格的企业。罗斯福持续对抗那些「大型企业」,而后又在1907年顺利打破标准石油公司 (Standard Oil) 的独占情形。罗斯福的行动受到大家的欢迎,但是有些历史学家却认为他这种打击托辣斯的行为纯粹是政治考量,也是政府想要控制美国企业的心态所致。你觉得呢?

Roosevelt became known as a "trustbuster," but that didn't mean that he thought all business combinations were bad. He made the distinction between good trusts that streamlined business production, and bad trusts that used their position to keep prices high. Roosevelt continued to fight against "Big Business," and he led a successful crusade to break up the Standard Oil monopoly in 1907. Roosevelt's actions were popular with the public, but some historians have argued that his trust-busting behavior was motivated by politics as much as by the government's desire to control corporate America. What do you think?
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