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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913) 
Cartoon, 'The beef trust - Don't shoot, I'll come down.'

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考察法 (Expedition Act) 通过了

对摩根美国钢铁公司的批评,大多认为一家公司控制某项工业的这么多分支行业,会损害一般大众的权益。西元1902年,社会上有许多关于大型「托辣斯」的论点,所以西奥多.罗斯福 (Theodore Roosevelt) 总统就命令司法部要使用「反托辣斯」的法令对不只那些钢铁业的大公司,并对肉类工业、油业,以及铁道工业的托辣斯提出控诉。罗斯福认为这些工业都通过限制竞争的方式,侵占大众的权益。因此,国会在1903211日通过考察法案,让这些反托辣斯的控诉在美国法律体系中程为最高优先的案件。罗斯福也因为打击托辣斯的作为而声名大噪。你知道人们帮他取了什么外号吗?

Critics of companies like J.P. Morgan's U.S. Steel Corporation said that allowing a company to control so many aspects of an industry hurt the general public. By 1902, there was such concern about huge "trusts" such as U.S. Steel that President Theodore Roosevelt ordered the Justice Department to use "antitrust" laws to prosecute not only the steel industry trust but also the meatpacking, oil, and railroad trusts. He said that these industries took advantage of the public by limiting competition. As a result, the Expedition Act was passed on February 11, 1903, making the antitrust suits a high priority in the nation's legal system. Roosevelt quickly gained a reputation for breaking up trusts. What nickname do you think he was given?

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