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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913) 
13 anniversary, destruction of the U.S.S. Maine, 1911.
美国军舰缅因号遭击沉的13周年纪念 (1911215日,哈瓦那港)

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美国军舰缅因号 (U.S.S. Maine) 沉没了

经过正式的官方调查后,美国海军指出军舰爆炸的原因是碰触到地雷。美国海军并没有责怪任何人或任何国家。究竟谁应该被谴责呢?当时控制掌管古巴的是西班牙。那么,造成这场爆炸的究竟是古巴人、西班牙人,还是纯属意外呢?许多美国人认为西班牙应该要负责 (现在有许多历史学家都认为是船员操控不当导致爆炸) 。而西班牙与美国之间的关系也变得相当紧绷,双方再也无法针对这个情况进行讨论。那一年的四月底,美西战争就爆发。

After an official investigation, the U.S. Navy reported that the ship had been blown up by a mine. The Navy did not blame any person or country for the explosion. Who was to blame? Spain controlled Cuba at the time. So, was it Cuba, or Spain, or was it an accident? Many people in the United States blamed Spain (Today, however, many historians believe a malfunction in the ship caused the explosion). The relationship between Spain and the U.S. became so strained that they could no longer discuss the situation. By the end of April, the Spanish-American War had begun.
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