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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913) 
The Main Reading Room, Library of Congress

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国会图书馆 (The Library of Congress) 正式对外开放1897111

西元1871年,国会图书馆长爱因斯伍兹.蓝得.史波福得 (Ainsworth Rand Spofford) 建议大楼的建造应该要以符合「美国国家图书馆」 (American National Library) 的规模与尊严来设计。史波福得构想了国会图书馆中心有一个圆顶的阅览室,周围有宽广的空间,容纳图书馆里各个不同的部门。建筑师汤玛士.凯西 (Thomas Casey) 与柏纳德.葛林 (Bernard Green) 1888年开始,专注在这栋大楼的内部设计。他们希望能把这里设计成为展示美国艺术家与工匠技术的橱窗。在完工后,这栋大楼无疑是全世界最大与花费最多的图书馆大楼,同时也是美洲展示知识与学习的最伟大的橱窗。

In 1871 the Librarian of Congress, Ainsworth Rand Spofford, suggested the construction of a building designed with the dignity and magnitude befitting "America's National Library." Spofford "envisioned a circular, domed reading room at the Library's center, surrounded by ample space for the Library's various departments." Architects Thomas Casey and Bernard Green began to focus on the interior of the building in 1888. They hoped to make it a showcase for the talents of American artists and artisans. When completed, it was the largest and costliest library building in the world and a grand showcase for knowledge and learning in America.

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