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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913) 
Farm Boys Eating Ice-Cream Cones, 1941.

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你喜欢用碗来吃好吃的冰淇淋,还是喜欢用蛋卷筒来吃?西元1904年的723日之后,你就可以在这两种方法中选择一种。来自密苏里州圣路易的居民查尔斯.明区斯 (Charles E. Minches) 想到了把冰淇淋填入蛋卷筒内的食用方式,于是 蛋卷冰淇淋被发明了。这种可以带着走的蛋卷筒很快就在圣路易举办的世界博览会上正式出现。当然,在蛋卷筒出现之前,还得有人发明冰淇淋才行。你知道冰淇淋是谁发明的吗?

Would you rather eat delicious, creamy ice cream from a bowl or a cone? On July 23, 1904, the choice became available when Charles E. Minches of St. Louis, Missouri, developed the idea of filling a pastry cone with ice cream, and the ice cream cone was invented. The walk-away cone made its debut later that year at the St. Louis World's Fair. Of course, before the cone, someone had to invent ice cream. Do you know when ice cream was invented?  

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