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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913) 
Harry and Beatrice Houdini in Nice, France, 1913.

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哈利.胡迪尼 (Harry Houdini) 娶了碧翠西


西元1914年,碧翠西与哈利.胡迪尼登上汉堡-美国航线 (Hamburg-America Line) 的元首号汽船 (S.S. Imperator) 庆祝20周年的结婚纪念日。他们在船上遇到另一个乘客,也就是西奥多.罗斯福 (Theodore Roosevelt) 。罗斯福对于胡迪尼的表演感到相当赞叹,他还邀请胡迪尼和自己的孙子碰面。


After years as a magician, Houdini dropped his magic act from the show and concentrated on creating fantastic escapes. The couple left the United States and toured Europe, where Houdini was acclaimed as a brilliant "escapologist."

In 1914, Beatrice and Harry Houdini celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on board the S.S. Imperator of the Hamburg-America Line, where they met fellow passenger Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was so amazed by Houdini's performance, he invited Houdini to meet his grandchildren.

Extremely happy for more than 39 years, the Houdinis never attempted escape from the bonds of matrimony. Then, on October 31, 1926, Houdini died from peritonitis (inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity) caused from a stomach injury, bringing the story of Harry Houdini and the beautiful Beatrice to a sad and sudden end.

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