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Jump Back in Time 进步时代 (1890-1913)
August Busch, 1925.
圣路易的超级英雄 -- 奥古斯特.安修瑟.布许的父亲

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奥古斯特.安修瑟.布许 (August Anheuser Busch) 1899328日出生

西元1953年,圣路易 (St. Louis) 棒球迷最爱的球队几乎就要被卖给密尔瓦基 (Milwaukee) 或休士顿。如果这位在啤酒界 (而非棒球界) 赫赫有名的男子没有出面解救的话,红雀队 (Cardinals) 可能就要搬家到上述那两个城市其中之一去了。奥古斯特.安修瑟.布许二世生于1899328日,单骑闯关在1953年买下红雀队。虽然他并不是真的骑马率领一群马匹买下这支球队,但是他是做得到的。

In 1953, St. Louis baseball fans almost lost their beloved team to Milwaukee or Houston. The Cardinals would have moved to either of those cities if a man, better known for beer than for baseball, had not rescued the team. Born on March 28, 1899, August Anheuser Busch Jr. rode in and saved the day by purchasing the St. Louis Cardinals. Although he didn't really ride in behind a team of horses on that day, he would later on.

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