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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
Thomas Jonathan Jackson

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石墙杰克森 (Stonewall Jackson) 生逾1824121

到了1861年,内战爆发,杰克森开始为南方联盟带兵作战。他在弗吉尼亚的「奔牛之战」 (Battle of Bull Run) 一役中,得到了「石墙」这个外号。在枪林弹雨之中,柏纳.比 (Barnard E. Bee) 准将曾说道:「杰克森站在那里,就像一堵石墙一样。」士兵在他的指挥之下,开始赞佩他那固执的勇气,而且开始叫他作「石墙」杰克森。作为一个将军,他打过许多场仗。后来在弗吉尼亚的「传斯勒村之战」 (Battle of Chancellorsville) 中,不小心被友军射伤,一周之后死于肺炎,当时为1863年。

Then in 1861, the Civil War started and Jackson began to lead troops to battle for the South. It was during the Battle of Bull Run in Virginia that he received his nickname. During the gunfire and confusion of the battle, Brigadier General Barnard E. Bee said, "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall." The soldiers under his command came to admire his stubborn courage and started calling him "Stonewall" Jackson. As General, he fought in many battles, until he was wounded by friendly fire at the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia and died a week later from pneumonia in 1863.
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