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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
Illustration from 'The Black Cat'

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爱伦坡 (Edgar Allan Poe) 生于1809119日。

虽然爱伦坡是一个成功的编辑、新闻工作者,以及文学评论家,但是他个人的生活却充满着悲剧与罗曼史。爱伦坡的父母都是演员,在他两岁的时候就去世了。他被仁慈但没有小孩的爱伦夫妇所收养。他们让爱伦坡上最好的学校,并且在任何方面都资助他,但是爱伦坡却有好赌与酗酒的坏习惯。他一生中失去了许多女人:第一个就是他的母亲,接着是他朋友的母亲在他15岁的时候去世,养母也在他20岁的时候也去世,而他身体虚弱的太太弗吉尼亚 (Virginia Clem) 也在很年轻的时候就离开了人世。

Poe was a successful editor, journalist, and critic of literature, but his personal life was full of tragedy and romance, much like his stories. Poe's parents, both actors, died when he was two. He was left in the care of kind, childless foster parents, the Allans. They sent him to excellent schools and supported him in every way, but Poe had problems with gambling and drinking. He experienced the loss of many of the women in his life: first his own mother, then a friend's mother when he was 15, his foster mother when he was 20, then his frail young wife, Virginia Clem.
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