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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
Edgar Allan Poe

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爱伦坡 (Edgar Allan Poe) 生于1809119日。

如果你喜欢那种会让你的背脊从上到下直打颤的恐怖故事,你可以试着看看爱伦坡写的小说。爱伦坡出生在1809119日,他是撰写恐怖故事的大师,同时也是侦探推理小说之父。在「乌鸦」 (The Raven) 这首诗里,一只大黑鸟飞进了作家的书房,停在一座雕像之上,看着作家。「永远不再!」乌鸦这样叫着。

If you like horror stories that run shivers up and down your spine, try reading the work of Edgar Allan Poe. Born on January 19, 1809, Poe was a master of tales of terror and the originator of the modern detective story. In his poem "The Raven," a big black bird comes into the narrator's den, sits upon a statue, and stares at him. "Nevermore," says the bird.
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