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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
Allan Pinkerton of the Secret Service on horseback in Antietam
平克顿于1862年在马里兰州安提耶坦 (Antietam) 地区运行任务时的马上英姿

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私家侦探平克顿 (Allan Pinkerton) 于1819825日出生于苏格兰的格拉斯高 (Glasgow)

撇开那些骑马的侦探不说,穆德 (Mulder) 、史考利 (Scully) ,还有007都是现代侦探。美国首批秘密情报员之一,在内战期间担任侦察兵与林肯总统的护卫,他就是私家侦探爱伦平克顿。

平克顿于1819825日生于苏格兰的格拉斯高地区。他设立了「平克顿侦探社」 (Pinkerton National Detective Agency) 。但是他的侦探生涯,却是因为机缘巧合才开始的。当他在1842年移民到美国后,他在芝加哥附近的一个小镇开了一家制造桶子的店。平克顿是一个「废奴主义者」 (abolitionist) ,积极反对奴隶制度。他的店也成为南方奴隶经由秘密管道逃到北方之间的休息站。有一天,当平克顿出门采集木头时,他发现一群帮派份子正在制造伪币。

Mulder, Scully and 007, move over for the detective on horseback. One of America's first undercover agents, a Civil War scout and guardian of President Lincoln, he was Allan Pinkerton, Private Eye.

Allan Pinkerton, born in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 25, 1819, founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. But his career as a detective began by chance. After emigrating to the United States in 1842, he established a barrel-making shop in a small town outside of Chicago. Pinkerton was an abolitionist (activist against slavery). His shop functioned as a "station" for escaped slaves traveling the Underground Railroad to freedom in the North. One day while out gathering wood, Pinkerton discovered a gang of counterfeiters making coins in the area.

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