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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
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玛丽凯斯 (Mary Kies) 在180955日成为第一个得到美国专利权的女性

你有没有发明过什么东西呢?如果有,你可能会想跟玛丽凯斯做一样的事:去申请专利。1790年通过的「专利法案」 (The Patent Act) 让所有人的发明,不管是男是女,都得到专利的保障。不过,因为在许多州里,女性并不能在丈夫之外私自拥有财产,许多女发明家也不想为她们的发明申请专利。玛丽凯斯在180955日打破了这个现象。她因为发明将麦秆与丝线编织在一起的方式,而成为第一个得到美国专利的女性,藉由这个新方法,凯斯可以制作并贩卖图中这种漂亮的帽子。通过法律保护,也没有任何其他人可以贩卖跟他一样的帽子。这就是专利的功能所在。

Have you ever invented something? If you have, you may want to do what Mary Kies did: patent it. The Patent Act of 1790 opened the door for anyone, male or female, to protect his or her invention with a patent. However, because in many states women could not legally own property independent of their husbands, many women inventors didn't bother to patent their new inventions. Mary Kies broke that pattern on May 5, 1809. She became the first woman to receive a U.S. patent for her method of weaving straw with silk. With her new method, Kies could make and sell beautiful hats such as this one, and, by law, no one else could sell hats just like hers. That's how a patent works.

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