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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)  
Martha Washington

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玛莎.华盛顿 (Martha Washington) 于1802522日去世

她是美国首位第一夫人,但是你还知道什么有关玛莎.丹瑞奇.柯斯提斯 (Martha Dandridge Custis) 的事情呢?在经历了多采多姿的一生后,玛莎.华盛顿于1822522日因为高烧而去世。

在玛莎.华盛顿1759年嫁给乔治.华盛顿时,她是一个25岁的寡妇,而且还带着两个小孩。她同时也是弗吉尼亚州最富有的妇女之一,她的前夫丹尼尔.帕克.柯斯提斯 (Daniel Parke Custis) 留给他大约15千英亩的农地。在她嫁给乔治之后,玛莎的生活有了巨大的转变。你觉得有什么不同吗?

She was the first of first ladies, but what else do you know about Martha Dandridge Custis Washington? After an eventful and varied life, Martha Washington died on May 22, 1802, of a severe fever.

Martha Washington was 27 years old and a widowed mother of two when she married George Washington in 1759. She was also one of the wealthiest women in Virginia, having inherited some 15,000 acres of farmland from her deceased husband, Daniel Parke Custis. Her social life changed drastically once she married George. How do you think it was different?

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