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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828) 
Bangor, Maine
1902年时缅因州的班格尔 (Bangor)

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我们并不十分清楚从5千年以前就住在这里的「红漆」人的历史,我们只知道他们习惯用红色的黏土在死去亲人的墓地上画线。在哥伦布发现西印度群岛的5百年前,列弗.爱利克森 (Leif Ericson) 和他的维京伙伴在缅因州登陆。在1604年,这片土地成为法国的一省。而法国与英国也经常为这块土地发生争执,一直到英国在1763年打败法国与印第安人之后,争执才告平息。在美国独立革命退出之后,缅因原本是麻州的一省。但是麻州却无法保护缅因,使其免于在1812年战争中不受到英国的袭击。

We don't know much about the "Red Paint" people, the first inhabitants of the area 5,000 years ago, except that they used red clay to line the graves of their dead. Five hundred years before Columbus reached the West Indies, Leif Ericson and his Vikings landed on the Maine coast. In 1604, the land was part of a French province. Control of the land was in dispute between the French and the British until the British took ownership after their victory in the French and Indian War in 1763. After the American Revolution, Maine was a province of Massachusetts. People living in the area began to demand statehood after Massachusetts failed to provide adequate protection against British raids during the War of 1812.

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