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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
New Orleans, Louisiana, a Corner of the French Market

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参议院于18031020日批准路易斯安那购买条约 (Louisiana Purchase Treaty)

美国从1802年开始与法国谈判这项购买案。在谈判过程中,托马斯.杰佛逊总统担心西班牙可能会把纽奥良这个战略港口交还给法国。一旦纽奥良被军事独裁者拿破仑.波拿巴 (Napoleon Bonaparte) 所有,那么美国住在密西西比流域附近的居民可能无法使用该港。经过几个月的思考后,拿破仑因为急需作战经费,所以在1803年决定将这些地方卖给美国。

The United States started negotiating the purchase with France in 1802. President Thomas Jefferson feared that Spain, which had controlled the strategic port of New Orleans since 1762, might give it back to France. Were New Orleans under the control of military dictator Napoleon Bonaparte, Jefferson feared that American settlers living in the Mississippi valley would lose free access to the port. After months of inaction, Napoleon offered to sell the territory to the U.S. in 1803; he needed the money.
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