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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
Aaron Burr

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托马斯杰佛逊 (Thomas Jefferson) 于1801217日赢得选举与总统职位

当托马斯杰佛逊竞选总统时,他击败对手约翰亚当斯 (John Adams) ,但是却和他的伙伴安伦波 (Aaron Burr) 得到一样多的票数。因此,究竟谁才是总统,而谁又是副总统呢?这必须交由众议院来决定,而大多数的议员并不倾向于支持杰佛逊。杰佛逊事实上和国会多数党也不是同一党派。杰佛逊和安伦波在接下来的六天内展开竞选对抗。最后,托马斯杰佛逊赢得国会的支持,也成为美国的第三任总统;而安伦波也顺理成章成为副总统。

When Thomas Jefferson ran for president, he beat his opponent, John Adams, but he tied with his running mate, Aaron Burr. So, who was to be the president and who was to be the vice president? It was up to the House of Representatives to decide, and most of the congressmen did not like the idea of voting for Jefferson. He wasn't even a member of the same political party as they were. Jefferson and Burr campaigned against each other for six days. Finally, Thomas Jefferson won the support of Congress and became the third president of the United States. Burr, as a result, became vice president.

Congress decided to establish a process so they wouldn't have to make that decision again.

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