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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828)
Abraham Lincoln portrait.

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法国人在1600年代宣称拥有伊立诺的主权,并进一步对这个区域进行探索,进而在此定居。法国人在1763年把这个地区的领土转交给大英帝国,而后,美国则在1783年时取得这片土地。被昵称为「林肯之土地」 (Land of Lincoln) 的伊利诺州,对在1830年来到当地的亚伯拉罕林肯这位有名的人民感到相当骄傲。当他以重要决策身份完成将州府从凡德里雅 (Vandalia) 搬到春田市 (Springfield) 的任务之后,他与社会杰出人士玛丽陶德 (Mary Todd) 共结连理,并且搬到他的新家正式执业当律师。后来,他又开始了政治生涯,并且在1861年成为美国的总统。不过,林肯并不是伊利诺州唯一的一位知名人士。

The French claimed, explored, and settled Illinois in the 1600s. They passed the territory onto Great Britain in 1763, and in 1783, the United States acquired the land. Nicknamed "Land of Lincoln," the state is very proud of its famous son, Abraham Lincoln, who came to Illinois in 1830. After playing a major role in moving the state capital from Vandalia to Springfield, Lincoln married socially prominent resident Mary Todd, and settled into his new home to practice law and build a political career that would bring him the presidency in 1861. Lincoln was not the only famous citizen of Illinois.
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