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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828) 
A Mexican home, late 1800s

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荷西.马纽.盖乐葛斯 (José Manuel Gallegos) 生于18151030

1853年,荷西.盖乐葛斯成为史上第二位西裔的美国众议员。但是在他赢得第二次胜利时,他的政治对手-米盖.欧提罗 (Miguel A. Otero) -却指出盖乐葛斯之所以能够获胜,是因为墨西哥人民非法投票给盖乐葛斯的说法说服国会。盖乐葛斯于是离开华盛顿,但是他并没有脱离政治圈。

在内战期间,南方联盟占领新墨西哥的圣塔非 (Santa Fe) 。但是盖乐葛斯却是北方联盟的支持者,后来他查找方法能够提供北方联盟军队信息与协助。在1873年,盖乐葛斯再次代表新墨西哥回到美国众议院担任众议员。当他的任期退出后,他回到圣塔非,并于1875年去世。

In 1853, José Gallegos became the second Hispanic U.S. representative in history. After he won a second term, his political opponent, Miguel A. Otero, convinced Congress that Gallegos had won only because Mexican citizens had illegally voted for him. Gallegos left Washington, but he did not leave politics.

During the Civil War, the Confederates took over Santa Fe, New Mexico. Gallegos, however, was a Union supporter, and he found a way to provide information and assistance to Union forces. In 1873, Gallegos returned to the U.S. House of Representatives, once more as a delegate from New Mexico. At the end of his term, he returned to Santa Fe, where he died in 1875.

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