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Norfolk & Washington steamboat, 1920-1950

1920年建造的The Norfolk & Washington号,速度已经比过去的蒸汽船要快上许多了
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约翰费区 (John Fitch) 发明蒸汽船而在1791826日得到美国专利

1814年时,罗伯特傅尔顿 (Robert Fulton) 与罗伯特李文斯顿 (Robert Livingston) 为蒸汽船带来商机。他们提供往来纽奥良、路易斯安那,以及密西西比的纳彻斯 (Natchez) 等地固定的班次服务。蒸汽船以极快的速度航行着,顺流时约是每小时八英里,逆流时约是每小时三英里。 (时速三英里也等于一般平均走路速度了!) 到了1816年,从纽奥良到肯塔基州的路易斯威尔 (Louisville) ,蒸汽船华盛顿号 (Washington) 得花上25天的航行才能到达,不过后来速度还是有所改善。到了1853年,同样的旅程只需要花上4天半的时间即可。

In 1814, Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston brought commercial success to steamboating. They offered regular steamboat service between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Natchez, Mississippi. The boats traveled at the breakneck speed of eight miles per hour downstream and three miles per hour upstream. (Three miles per hour is the average walking speed!) In 1816, it took 25 days for the steamboat Washington to go from New Orleans to Louisville, Kentucky, but improvements were made. By 1853, that same trip took only four and one-half days.
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