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Jump Back in Time 新兴国家 (1790-1828) 
Ben Campbell, steamship at landing
蒸汽船Ben Campbell号建于1852年,当时的蒸汽船速度已经比较快了

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约翰费区 (John Fitch) 发明蒸汽船而在1791826日得到美国专利

你有没有做过电动船?你知道让这些船前进的动力是什么吗?在内燃机发明之前,蒸汽是用来让船发动的主要动力。在1791826日,约翰费区因为发明蒸汽船而得到美国专利。他的第一艘展示品是达拉威尔河 (Delaware River) 上45英尺长的船,船上载着参加制宪会议的代表们。费区后来又建了一艘更大的蒸汽船,可以载运乘客与货物往来费城、宾州,与纽泽西的伯灵顿 (Burlington) 之间。如果从现代的标准来看,第一艘蒸汽船的速度是很慢的:显然不能拉着人滑水。不过,蒸汽船的发明,对乘客与货物来说,还是提供了一种新的旅游方式。

Have you ever ridden in a motor boat? Do you know what makes them move? Before the invention of the internal combustion engine, steam was used to power ships. On August 26, 1791, John Fitch was granted a United States patent for the steamboat. He first demonstrated his 45-foot craft on the Delaware River in 1787 for delegates from the Constitutional Convention. He went on to build a larger steamboat that carried passengers and freight between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Burlington, New Jersey. The first steamboats were slow by modern standards--certainly not fast enough for water-skiing. However, they opened up a new kind of travel for both cargo and passengers.

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