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New York and the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn, New York

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布鲁克林桥 (Brooklyn Bridge) 的设计师罗布林 (John A Roebling) 生于1806612

你有没有去过纽约市呢?如果有,你可能知道横跨东河 (East River) 的布鲁克林桥,连接了曼哈顿与布鲁克林区。

既然桥是盖在河水上方的,那么工人在工作时怎么保持干燥呢?工人必须到河水下方78英尺的地方,设置支撑布鲁克林桥的装置。他们之所以不会全身湿透,是因为事先就在河里放置了密闭的潜水箱 (防水结构) ,所以他们可以在那里面工作,而不被弄湿。

Have you ever been to New York City? If you have, you probably know that the Brooklyn Bridge crosses the East River, connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When a bridge is built over water, how do the workers stay dry? Workers went as much as 78 feet underwater to dig the supports for the Brooklyn Bridge. They did not get wet because airtight caissons (watertight structures) were sunk under the water giving the men a dry place to work.

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