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Sneaking Under the Circus Tent, Roswell, New Mexico, April 1936
偷窥马戏团帐棚内的情形 (Roswell, New Mexico, April 1936

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费尼尔司泰勒巴能 (Phineas Taylor Barnum) 的诞生


泰勒巴能于1810年7月5日出生在康涅狄格州的贝首 (Bethel) 。他后来成为一个兼具原创性与令人惊讶的表演大师。不管是真实的惊叹演出,或者是奇特的伪装,巴能的表演总是吸引许多人群。

「六月时,巴能要来瓦特伯里 (Waterbury) 表演,」巴能的爱好者阿特波斯福特 (Art Botsford) 说道,「我们要搭早上第一班火车到那里,然后在那里待上一整天。所有的商店大概都会休息,就算这些商店还开着,肯定也没有人会去上班的。」

Have you ever been to the circus? What about a sideshow with bearded ladies, giant elephants, and "real" mermaids? P.T. Barnum would like you to see them all.

Born on July 5, 1810, in Bethel, Connecticut, Phineas Taylor Barnum became a master showman of both the genuine and the fantastic. Whether actual wonders or freakish fakes, Barnum's attractions always drew crowds.

"Along in June P.T. Barnum would come to Waterbury, [Connecticut]," said a Barnum fan, Art Botsford, "We'd all go down on the morning train, and spend the day there. Shops [were] shut down tight. If they didn't nobody would work anyway."

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