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Jump Back in Time 现代时期  (1946 - present)
Father Reading Newspaper, Children Viewing Television
孩子们正在看电视 (摄于1950年)

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美国广播公司 (American Broadcasting Company) 在星期六早上播放儿童电视节目:1950819

你是“Scooby Doo”“Poké‾n”“Rugrats”,或者是 “Batman Beyond”的影迷吗?你会因为这些影集而专注的看着电视吗?当电视上开始播放儿童节目时,当时只有少数几种节目可以选择。

美国广播公司 (ABC) 在1950819日开始在星期六的早晨播放儿童电视节目,一共有两个节目。当然,在1950年代还没有很多人拥有电视。你知道那些拥有电视的幸运小孩都看些什么吗?

Are you a "Scooby Doo" fan, or is it "Poké­ˉn," "Rugrats," or "Batman Beyond" that keeps your eyes glued to the tube? When television shows for children first aired, young viewers had only a few programs from which to choose.

ABC (American Broadcasting Company) began broadcasting Saturday morning television shows for children on August 19, 1950, with two programs. Of course, not many people owned a television in the 1950s. What did those lucky children who had a TV watch?

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