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Erin is Calling
这首歌叫做爱琳打电话来了 (Erin is Calling) (爱琳Erin是爱尔兰Ireland的昵称)

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This folk song, "My Father and Mother Were Irish" celebrates Irish American pride

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圣派翠克节 (St. Patrick’s Day) :317

男士女士们,你们今天忘记穿绿衣服了。今天是圣派翠克节!根据爱尔兰的习俗,每年的317日,爱尔兰人与爱尔兰裔美国人都会穿上绿衣服纪念派翠克 (Patrick) 的去世。派翠克是爱尔兰的一位爱国志士,他死于西元492年的317日。不过现在人们主要是在庆祝爱尔兰的常规以及爱尔兰丰富的文化与习俗。美国各地都会在这一天举办游行与庆典,包括波士顿自1737年开始举办的游行、纽约自1762年开始举办的游行,以及佐治亚州萨瓦那 (Savannah) 自1812年开始举办的游行最为有名。你要做些什么来彰显爱尔兰常规呢?穿绿色衣服吗?四处寻找四叶草?还是要唱爱尔兰歌曲呢?

Aye lads and lassies, don't ya' forget to wear the green today. Today is St. Patrick's Day! On March 17, Irish and Irish Americans commemorate the death, as legend has it, of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who died on March 17, around 492. But mainly, people today honor Irish heritage and its rich culture and traditions. Cities all over the U.S. celebrate with parades and festivities. The most famous of these annual festival traditions includes the Boston parade, with its first parade in 1737; the New York City parade, which began in 1762; and the Savannah, Georgia, parade which started in 1812. What do you do to honor Irish tradition? Wear green? Look for four-leaf clovers? Sing Irish songs?

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