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96号农场 (Ninety-Six Ranch) 在1979年的最后一次放牧:1979107

在内华达州的第96号农场上,牛仔 (cowboys) 被称为「牛仔」 (buckaroos) 。每当到了放牧牛群时,牛仔必须在早上530分就起床工作。西元1979107日,这是秋季放牧的最后一天,那天早上跟平常没有什么两样。

吃过早餐之后,牛仔们骑着马,把最后一群整个夏天都在圣塔罗莎山 (Santa Rosa Mountain) 吃草的牛群赶在一起。和你在电影里看到的牛仔不同,这些牛仔不必以星空为被睡在草地上。

On the Ninety-Six Ranch in Nevada, cowboys are known as buckaroos. At roundup time on the cattle ranch, a buckaroo's day starts at 5:30 in the morning, and on October 7, 1979, the last day of that year's fall roundup, the morning was no different.

After breakfast, the buckaroos rode the range, gathering up the last of the cattle that had been grazing over the summer in the Santa Rosa Mountains. Unlike the cattle drives you may have seen in the movies, these buckaroos did not have to sleep on the ground with only a blanket of stars to keep them warm.

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VIDEO CREDIT: Smock, William H. and Carl Fleischhauer, filmakers. "Roundup: Gathering the Herd." Leslie J. Stewart, narrator. 16mm film. Filmed October 2 - 4, 1979. Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada, 1945-1982, American Memory collections, Library of Congress.