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Headline from Montgomery Advertiser, December 6, 1955.

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罗莎帕克斯 (Rosa Parks) 因为「不合作主义」 (Civil Disobedience) 而遭到逮捕:1955121

帕克斯遭到逮捕后,在她的审判日当天,引发一天的公车抵制事件。然而,为了要成功挑战公共运输工具上的种族隔离问题,「美国有色人种促进会」知道他们必须要有更多持续的行动。当地的「右道浸礼会教堂」 (Dexter Avenue Baptist Church) 的新任牧师成为这场抵制行动的领导者。这位牧师的名字叫做马丁.路德.金恩二世 (Martin Luther King Jr.) 。金恩坚持要通过非暴力的行动来达到公平正义的目标。他说:「我们必须要使用爱的武器。」西元195612月,最高法院判决禁止在公共运输工具上再有种族歧视的发生,而这场抵制也在开始一年之后宣告退出。罗莎.帕克斯也成为大家口中的「民权运动之母」 (Mother of the Civil Rights Movement) ,并得到各国颁发的许多奖项。如果你是她,你会做出跟她一样的行动嘛?

Parks's arrest was followed by a one-day bus boycott on her court date. To successfully challenge segregated public transport, however, the NAACP knew it needed continued action. The new pastor at the local Dexter Avenue Baptist Church became the leader of the boycott. His name was Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. King insisted on nonviolent action to achieve the goal of justice. "We must use the weapon of love," he said. In December 1956, the Supreme Court banned segregation on public transportation, and the boycott ended over a year after it had begun. Rosa Parks became known as the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement," honored with awards around the world. In her situation, would you have done what Rosa Parks did?

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