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罗莎帕克斯 (Rosa Parks) 因为「不合作主义」 (Civil Disobedience) 而遭到逮捕:1955121

罗莎.麦克考雷 (Rosa McCauley) 生于1913年。她在20岁时嫁给雷蒙.帕克斯 (Raymond Parks) ,雷蒙还鼓励她要完成高中学业。这对夫妻在「美国有色人种促进会」 (National Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleNAACP) 的蒙哥马力郡分会里相当活跃。帕克斯太太在担任裁缝师的助理时,也同时担任分会的秘书。后来,她还担任组织青年协会的顾问。因为罗莎曾经因为肤色问题而在两次选举中无法投票,于是她也参加「选民联盟」 (Voters League) ,推广黑人也应享有投票权的理念。

Rosa McCauley was born in 1913. At age 20, she married Raymond Parks, who encouraged her to earn her high school diploma. The couple was active in the Montgomery Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). While working as a tailor's assistant, Mrs. Parks served as chapter secretary. Later, she advised the NAACP Youth Council. Denied the right to vote on at least two occasions because of her race, Rosa Parks also worked with the Voters League to prepare blacks to register to vote.

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