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George E.C. Hayes, Thurgood Marshall, and James Nabrit, Congratulating Each Other, Following Supreme Court Decision Declaring Segregation Unconstitutional.
瑟古德 .马歇尔 (中间) 和乔治.海耶斯 (George Hayes) 、詹姆斯.纳布里 (James Nabri) 在1954年赢得对种族隔离政策的控诉后,互相道贺

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瑟古德 马歇尔 (Thurgood Marshall) 于1967102日成为第一位非裔美籍最高法院法官

你有没有因为你的年纪、你的肤色,或者是你住的地方,而招受到不公平的待遇呢?瑟古德 .马歇尔终其一生都在为了确保所有人类能够得到公平的待遇、尤其是在法律之前都能有平等的待遇而努力。

瑟古德 .马歇尔的名字十分特殊,不过这个名字也十分适合他,他本身就是一个值得大家注意的人。西元1967102日,他成为最高法院的第一位非裔美籍法官。当然,马歇尔在担任这个职务之前,还有许多优秀的成就。

Have you ever been treated unfairly because of your age, the color of your skin, or where you live? Thurgood Marshall worked all of his life to make sure all people were treated fairly, especially under the law.

Thurgood Marshall had a noteworthy first name, but it fit him well because he was a noteworthy person. On October 2, 1967, he became the first African-American Supreme Court justice. Of course, Marshall had accomplished plenty of other things before then.

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