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Preliminary Studies for Studebaker Avanti, March 22, 1961.

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雷蒙洛伊威 (Raymond Loewy) 设计了他的梦幻车:1961322

如果你能自己设计你的梦想车子,那会是什么样子的呢?工业设计师雷蒙.洛伊威在1961322日时,看到了自己的梦幻车子。这辆车子叫做阿泛提号 (Avanti) ,是一部时髦且充满未来感的跑车。当时业绩很糟的史都德贝克公司 (Studebaker Corporation) 总裁雪伍德.爱格柏特 (Sherwood Egbert) 拜托洛伊威设计一部能够抓住顾客想像力,且能够刺激公司业务量的车子。这个计画成功了吗?

If you could design your dream car, what would it look like? Industrial designer Raymond Loewy made his dream come true on March 22, 1961, when he designed a sleek, futuristic sports car called the Avanti. Sherwood Egbert, president of the ailing Studebaker Corporation, asked Loewy to design a car bold enough to capture people's imagination and boost the company's sagging sales. Did the plan work?

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