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Photo of Althea Gibson, November 20, 1958

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爱尔西亚吉布森 (Althea Gibson) 又赢了!195776

你有没有在哪个领域里拿过第一名呢?也许是某项运动的冠军,或者在学校成绩优异?在很久以前,莫妮卡.莎莉丝 (Monica Seles) 、史戴菲.葛拉芙 (Steffi Graf) ,或者是克利斯.爱佛特 (Chris Evert) 都曾赢过英国温布顿 (Wimbledon) 网球巡回赛的女子单打冠军。然而,对爱尔西亚.吉布森来说,她不但在1957年7月6日赢得温布顿的冠军,同时她也是第一位赢得这项比赛冠军的非裔美国人 (男女选手中的第一位) 。不过,温布顿冠军只是吉布森取得许多「第一」的开始。

Have you ever been the first person to do something? Maybe in a sport or at school? Long before Monica Seles, Steffi Graf, or Chris Evert won the women's singles title at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in England, there was Althea Gibson. Gibson not only won the title on July 6, 1957, she was the first African American (male or female) to win a tennis championship at Wimbledon. The Wimbledon title was just the beginning of a long line of Gibson "firsts."

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