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Jump Back in Time 现代时期  (1946 - present)
Harry Truman, April 19, 1945
哈利.杜鲁门 (摄于1945419日)

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杜鲁门宣布「公平政策」 (Fair Deal) :194915

是哈利.杜鲁门 (Harry Truman) 总统的计画名称。他在1949年1月5日的演讲内容中,提到这个计画。杜鲁门的公平政策建议美国人应该要有健康医疗保险、提高最低薪资,同时所有美国人依法享有平等的就业权。

A "Fair Deal" is what President Harry Truman called his plan. He announced it in a speech on January 5, 1949. His Fair Deal recommended that all Americans have health insurance, that the minimum wage (the lowest amount of money per hour that someone can be paid) be increased, and that, by law, all Americans be guaranteed equal rights.

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