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Carol Channing, en Chinoise, 1956.

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卡洛香宁 (Carol Channing) 的第一次登台:我爱红娘 (Hello Dolly!,又译为哈啰,桃丽!) :1964116

哈啰,卡洛.香宁!香宁于1964116日首次登台演出常规美国音乐剧我爱红娘中担纲演出桃丽.葛拉贺 (Dolly Gallagher) 一角。知名剧作评论家华特.克尔 (Walter Kerr) 对香宁的表演赞誉有加,他说:「香宁真是太棒了。」卡洛.香宁在剧中穿着诱人的红色假发,并在一双看似会说话的大眼睛上装上假睫毛。我爱红娘是根据东尔顿.威尔德 (Thornton Wilder) 的剧作媒人 (Matchmaker) 所改编的舞台剧,这是一出相当卖座的舞台剧。我爱红娘不但得过10座东尼奖 (Tony Award) ,同时还被选为是19631964年的最佳音乐剧。 (东尼奖是颁发给在纽约百老汇上演之舞台剧的奖项。)

Hello Dolly! Hello Carol Channing! Channing played the part of Dolly Gallagher Levi in the debut of this classic American musical on January 16, 1964. "She is glorious," raved theater critic Walter Kerr, as Carol Channing made her appearance on stage wearing a carrot-colored wig and false eyelashes fluttering over her large, expressive eyes. Hello Dolly, based on Thornton Wilder's play The Matchmaker, was a smash hit. It received ten Tony awards and was named Best Musical of the Year in 1963-64. (Tony Awards are given to plays that run on Broadway in New York City.)

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