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Jump Back in Time 现代时期  (1946 - present)
Richard M. Nixon

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你有没有在电视上看过任何有关选举的报导呢?西元19601021日,美国观众坐在电视前观看共和党副总统理查.尼克松 (Richard . Nixon) 与民主党总统候选人,也是参议员的约翰.肯尼迪 (John F. Kennedy) 两人之间的第四场,也是最后一场的辩论。他们的第一场辩论是在一个月之前,主要辩论议题是国内问题。第二场与第三场辩论是问答的方式,由发问人提问,候选人回答问题。第三场辩论是通过电视科技的方式来进行,这是完全崭新的一种方式。

Do you watch any election coverage on TV? On October 21, 1960, American viewers were riveted to their television sets for the broadcast of the fourth and final debate between Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the Republican presidential candidate, and Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic candidate. Their first debate, a month earlier, had covered domestic issues. The second and third debates featured a news panel asking the candidates questions. The third debate also used television technology in a completely new way.


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