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Audience at concert given by Marian Anderson, Chicago, Illinois, 1903.
芝加哥观众对玛丽安.安德森的表演感到如痴如醉 (摄于1941年)

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玛丽安安德森 (Marian Anderson) 在大都会歌剧院 (Metropolitan Opera) 登台表演:195517


或许你也和玛丽安.安德森一样有个需要花很多心力才能实现的梦想。其他歌手,例如盲人歌手 (作曲者) 史帝夫.汪达 (Stevie Wonder) 也是通过许多挑战才实践自己的梦想。玛丽安.安德森在一生中得到许多的奖项与荣耀,包括在1986年因为卓越美妙的歌声,以及努力打破非裔美籍表演家的肤色障碍之成就而荣获的美国国家艺术奖章 (U.S. National Arts Medal) 。

Anderson had a remarkable career, appearing in concerts and recitals across the U.S. and in Europe. One orchestra conductor remarked that "a voice like hers comes only once in a century."

Perhaps, like Marian Anderson, you have a dream that will take much determination to make a reality. Other singers, such as the blind singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder, have also made their dreams come true despite challenges. Marian Anderson received many awards and honors throughout her life, including the U.S. National Arts Medal in 1986, which she won for her magnificent singing and for helping to break the color barrier for African American performers.

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